Tuesday, September 30, 2008

an historical day...

Hi guys! Well, along with the stock market, I'm making some history! Today I had my first CHEERIOS! :)

Boy, it's serious business figuring out how to grab 'em and get these things in your mouth! It was like magic... when a cheerio would drop off of my tray, another one suddenly appeared! But once I got it in my mouth...

(applause!) I loved it! Mom, you can give me Cheerios any day.

And more history- today Mommy & I finally finished reading our Jesus Storybook Bible together! (a must-read! see here) The ending gave Mommy chill bumps. I'm sure we'll be reading it many more times...
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  1. Yeah! We have gone through many boxes of Cheerios so far...and many more to come. They fit perfectly in the Snacktrap which I think is another must-have.

    Keep the big smiles coming. They warm my heart. : )

  2. Ah, the Cheerios days have begun. Start buying boxes in bulk mommy. :)

    Nice Picasa work on the last one. I'm glad y'all finished the bible! Did you decide to start reading The Odyssey or Oliver Twist next?

  3. Hey Cheerio girl!!! You will soon learn that the Honey Nut ones are better but don't tell Mommy I was the one that broke the news...as long as she doesn't know I told you, you'll keep eating the yucky plain ones :)

    Also, whisper a message to your Granny Corb that I can't get her e-mail to send...it keeps bouncing back to me. Tell her to send me an e-mail to respond to so I can see if it works...Thanks, Carolina...Oh, I mean Caroline...a little Carolina slip :)