Monday, September 29, 2008

round of applause...

I figured out how to clap yesterday! It's so fun!

And look what came in the mail! Another RUF campus minister in Mississippi has a girl named Caroline, so she passed these dresses along to me to wear in a few years!

And you'll never believe... I got teeth #6 AND #7 today! So now my two front teeth are coming in, as well as another tooth on the bottom. No wonder I was needing lots of Tylenol & things to bite on last week!

Think I'll give myself a round of applause...
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  1. Hooray!!

    And all these teeth at once... what a brave girl!

    The dresses are so cute. I LOVE the blue and red one.

  2. Those dresses are just gorgeous! -- And brace yourself mom...our E got 5 teeth in one week at one point...thank heavens for Tylenol!

  3. Might has well get the pain over at one time. That's the way to go Caroline!!
    We love you. We applaud you. Yea!!
    Love you,
    Nanny & Papa

  4. The tooth and nothing but the tooth ... yea, clap, clap, clap.