Wednesday, November 10, 2010

at 32 months...

I'm four months away from my 3rd birthday, folks, and I can't stop TALKING about it! (Someone asked me, "How old are you?" I said, "I'm 2. But I'm trying to turn 3!") And you know why I'm trying so hard to turn 3?

"I get a birthday cake!!!" (you see, it's not really as much about the EATING the cake part as much as it is the singing "Happy Birthday" & blowing out the THAT'S the fun part to me!) And yesterday when Mommy asked me what I wanted on my birthday cake, guess what I said?

"Okay, what kind of animals do you want?"
"Piglets? Um, okay. What other animal do you want on your cake?"
"A giraffe!"

Hmmm. This will certainly be an interesting birthday theme with piglets and giraffes. :)

Besides talking about my birthday every day, here's what else I'm up to:

  • I LOVE board games with little pieces! Now, I'm not actually PLAYING the game (obviously) but I love to play with all the little pieces. Dropping in the "checkers" into Connect 4, lining up letters on the Scrabble tray, putting Chinese checkers into the holes, etc. etc. (yes, the kinds of things that end up scattered ALL over your house and under your couches... ugh)
  • I am singing, singing, singing!! Every week I learn a new hymn or two and now I'm starting to belt them out at church and RUF! (it's so sweet to hear this little voice right on pitch!)

  • I'm a pro at my tricycle now! (no, we're not wearing shorts around here anymore- this was taken a few weeks ago on an unusually warm day) :) I can push the pedals and ride, ride, RIDE!
  • Lest you think that everything I do is perfect, Mommy wants to make sure it is known that I am a strong willed girl, and it is becoming increasingly harder and harder to get me to obey...

  • Now, Mommy & Daddy don't let me do this all that often, so it's a little creepy how quickly I've caught on to using my own mouse to play some toddler games online. ( has some good ones) AND somehow (Mommy & Daddy didn't teach me, so they don't know how this happened) I can type my own name on a Word document. (Um, Mommy wants to know if you are supposed to be doing this at TWO?!)

  • Our small church plant just started a Sunday School class for 2 & 3 year olds like me! I love going to my class and on the way home from church, I tell Mommy ALL about the things I learned.

  • Mommy's getting excited about putting together my big girl bed soon! (here's a little sneak preview!) And check out the name of the most likely paint color for my room... is it meant to be or WHAT?! :)

  • I am a sweet, sweet girl with a big vocabulary and an even bigger heart. I like to say, "Daddy, I'm SO proud of you!!!"
Well, our sweet Caroline, I'll have to admit we're pretty stinkin' proud of you, too. :)
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  1. Caroline, we are so proud of you. You of one in a thousand, maybe 10,000. What do you say, Mommy & Daddy? You get not argument from Nanny & Papa. The pics are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

    Love y'all.

  2. How grown up you look! Two and a half going on 19?

    I think the wall color picked itself with that name.

  3. Adorable! Can't wait to see her!!! (and you and marc, of course :) )

  4. I'm just so happy that she SINGS! We would love her if she didn't, but it's just so wonderful. Since she's practically reading already, teach that girl to read some MUSIC! ha