Saturday, November 27, 2010

when in texas, do like the texans...

Howdy, y'all! For Thanksgiving, we lived it up Texas-style!

When we got off the plane, can you believe my Pop had a stretch limo waiting just for us!?! (Alright, so it wasn't just for us. We had 7 people in our family that needed a ride from the airport at the same time, so Pop splurged a little to have us all picked up. But still. A first limo ride at 2 years old??)

Now Pop, you realize I'll expect this kind of treatment ALL the time... :)

Before we picked up my cousins, you better believe we turned up the music and I did some DANCING! So fun!

All of the cousins together! Trevor (9), Tyson (6), Me (almost 3), & Erik (18 months). (I'm the favorite granddaughter in this family of BOYS! he he)

My Pop & Mamie loved having all their grandkids together. (and so did we!)

I have the coolest cousins.

So, when in Texas, do like the Texans.
We shimmied on down to the Ft. Worth Stockyards and watched the historic cattle drive.
We ate Texas barbecue.
We ate Tex-Mex.
We tried on cowboy & cowgirl hats.
(did I mention we ATE?)

We moseyed on over to this HUGE Christmas tree for a quick photo op... again, everything's bigger in.....)

And what could be more Texas than to go to a RODEO!!! (yee-haw!) Okay, so I (Caroline) missed out on this part of the trip, but my cousins Trev & Ty had a BLAST!

And I didn't have such a bad time myself either. See y'all back at the ranch!
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  1. Thank you for sharing with us, Caroline. Enjoyed all the pics. Glad you had fun with Pop & Mamie. See you soon. Have lots of fun and take lots of pics. Love y'all. Nanny & Papa