Tuesday, November 23, 2010

when nanny comes...

When my Nanny blows into town for just 2 days, you wouldn't BELIEVE the things that get done around here...

I get LOTS of lovin' and play time.

All our clothes get cleaned and folded. Daddy's office is spotless. (um, that's quite a feat) Furniture was painted. Our basement has been reclaimed from the RUF meeting room to MY playroom again! (RUF will now be meeting in a new location next semester-- behind the Muse Coffee House on Kemper Street)

Our house got all ready for Christmas!


AND... the best part?? I got a NEW bed and a NEW room!! More pictures coming later, but we'll give you guys a sneak preview..

I LOVED it! (here I am about to take my first nap in my new bed)

Whew! Thank you SO much for all of your help, Nanny & Papa! We love you!
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  1. You found the three nutcrackers!!! Seems like different ones went missing from time to time.