Saturday, March 26, 2011

at 37 months...

(You didn't think the updates would stop at 3, did you?) At 37 months...

  • I, too, am addicted to Angry Birds. (Mommy thinks it's incredible & a little scary how effortlessly a 3 yr. old can get around on technology!...) Did you know Angry Birds also makes for a fun game to play on the floor in real life, too? Daddy puts a pillow on his head & oinks like a pig. Then, from across the room, I make the cutest little angry face as I charge Daddy & try to knock him over! he he...
  • I know that I have alopecia, and that it made my hair fall out. But it doesn't bother me. I just think I'm gonna have hair when I get bigger. (I keep saying I want red hair...)
  • Still as smart as a tack. I can count to 30 and I can spell and read some easy words like "hat," "pat," "cat," "mat," etc. I know how to spell "Caroline," "Mommy," and "Daddy," too.
  • Favorite things are listening to/singing music, reading/telling stories, and watching anything with Thomas the Train.
  • I love going places-- to stores, to somebody's house, to my Sunday School class at church, to a restaurant, anywhere.

  • Not doing a whole lot of this lately! Yep, the afternoon naps are saying adios. It's hit or miss, depending on how tired I am. When I don't nap, I still have "room time." Mommy gets out some toys in my room, sets the timer, and I have to play quietly by myself for 45 minutes until the timer goes off. It maintains sanity in our household...
  • Oh, and did I tell you guys I'm going to preschool in the fall? Yep, my best friend, Leah, will be in my class, too! Two mornings a week, and I'm excited!!

  • I LOVE getting packages in the mail! Just this week I got several! I run & get the scissors for Mommy to open them when they come. My 2nd cousin Eva sent me a box of her clothes with a babydoll! and "Miss Lori" sent me a box of super cute clothes, too! (of course in my excitement I have to dig thru them and immediately start trying some things on over my clothes, you see...) Plus my friend, Sari, sent me a book, too! Wow, you guys! Thank you, thank you!
  • Being three has its challenges. We're not gonna lie. I have quite a strong personality and an extensive vocabulary, and together that has its advantages and its disadvantages. Mommy & Daddy are working with me (endlessly, it seems...) to use nice words instead of ugly, bossy words and screams. It's tough at 3 to accept that the world doesn't revolve around me and that God has put Mommy & Daddy in my life to be my boss. (those are concepts big people still struggle with, too!)
  • So with the challenges of age THREE, our family is doing alot of apologizing to one another these days. When we have done or said something wrong or hurtful, (even Mommy & Daddy) we confess it to one another. Mommy & Daddy truly need Jesus just as much as I do. Mommy even put herself in timeout for saying something ugly to me!, and that seemed to have quite an impact. We pray often together that Jesus would help our hearts to be kind and gracious to one another.

  • I'm a PICKER!! (And no, I don't mean a nose picker.) I'm a SCAB picker! (ewww, I know.) So remember the incident with the gash on my chin? (above) Thankfully I've left that completely alone thus far. However, the bandaids created a small secondary boo-boo next to the gash, and because I couldn't BEAR to stop picking at it, it continues to open up, bleed, and get larger. So then the bandaid on that boo-boo began causing a 3rd(!) boo-boo next to IT, so now we're trying out a latex-free, hypoallergenic bandaid to see if that helps. Any little scratch I get (like another on the top of my head), I pick at!! Even though I know better, I can't stop myself.

  • For now it's a secret what exactly I'm working on, (we'll show ya later!) but for the record, I like doing whatever it is Daddy is doing. If he's got a project going, you better believe I'll be right in there with him. (and yes, that IS a tattoo on my arm that my Mamie gave me. Pretty cool Grandma, huh?) :)
Three may be a challenge.

But it's a joy, too! Just look at me. :)
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  1. Caroline, you are such a beautiful little princess. Three is a challenging age. It is a wonderful age, you learn so much, and so do Mommy & Daddy. Hope to see you real soon. Love ya,

  2. I think "JOY" describes you well. Your personality radiates in every room you enter.