Friday, March 11, 2011

not one birthday, but...

TWO! (can you believe it?)

Our sweet, sweet friends from church wanted to throw me a pink pig birthday party, (remember I had been talking non-stop about wanting piglets on my cake??) and so here it was!, complete with a pig cake & pig presents. :) (and not to mention, a few of us pigs, too... ha!)

My talented buddies Laura & Julie MADE this pig cake for me from scratch!

You gals are so talented that Mommy had to take a picture.

And so did I. :)

"Happy Birthday to you...."

Blow 'em out!

And the BEST part...
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  1. You look like your Mommy taking pictures with your camera. What fun to have TWO birthday cakes!

  2. Caroline, you are a blessed little girl. Your family is blessed to have such a wonderful princess.
    We love ya'll.