Thursday, March 17, 2011


It's Spring Break & my Pop & Mamie are here from Texas! Today we visited Charlottesville (1 hour away) & here's a few shots from our walk around the beautiful grounds of UVa (University of Virginia)...

Can you see me here in 15 years?? (Mommy doesn't even want to think about that!) :)

These small single dorm rooms are the oldest on campus, and they've got NO plumbing and NO air/heat... and would you believe they are among the MOST coveted?? (Will one of you Wahoos please explain this to me?...)

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  1. So yeah, about the lawn rooms...I did have to explain that they DO indeed have heat, just not air conditioning. As for why they're so coveted, I can see why it would look like an enigma. However, they're very historic, you can host great parties for football games, graduation, etc, and they're very convenient to class. However, their biggest appeal is probably just the fact that it's a huge honor to get to live there.

  2. Love Caroline's dress!

  3. Caroline, I'm glad you're having fun with Mamie & Pop. Love ya'll.

  4. Did you not learn anything!!!!! At The University it's called the Grounds... Not a campus! And don't mess it up again or I'll pain your house orange and blue!

    And after taking my degree from The University almost 11 years ago 'campus' still just sounds so weird to me. Oh well, I guess other universities just aren't as cool.

  5. I can't believe you were in my neck of the woods and I didn't even know it! I could have shown you all the cool places (okay I don't know that many ha!).

    And Laura covered the reason Lawn rooms are so coveted very well. Mainly, Cavaliers are Jefferson LOVERS and the Lawn (and corresponding single rooms) are uniquely and solidly Jefferson. His "Academical Village" was the only architecture planned for his university originally--it wasn't until after he died that more buildings were added (many said to have him rolling in his grave). So it is this connection to Jefferson's history and the UTMOST honor that make lawn room so prestigious and coveted. Did you know that the Lawn rooms (not the Rotunda) are pretty much still the original, real deal from when they were first built, excluding minor touch-ups. But the Rotunda is not original--once burned down and once gutted/remodeled based on Jefferson's design. Ok I am being extremely winded--but I just love my school and very much think Caroline should come here too!