Monday, April 18, 2011

little hands of love...

Dear Daddy,

Mommy's not the only one who has "hands of love" around this house!

Today I put these little hands of love to work for YOU! I took my very own preschooler's cookbook and followed the pictures to make you some "hide and seek" muffins! I had so much fun stirring up the batter...

and I LOVED pouring it into the paper cups all by myself. I did a pretty good job, too!

Then I took a strawberry, rolled it in sugar, and placed one inside each muffin cup.

That's why they call them "hide and seek" muffins- the strawberry hides inside once you bake them!

Then Mommy put them in the oven. Oh, hurry up!

And our final product! See? NO strawberry!

Now I'm sure these muffins would've been GREAT had we not tried to substitute gluten-free flour for regular flour so Daddy could actually eat them... oh well! (you better believe I devoured my own cooking) So what if they didn't taste great with the GF flour!? Oh well! You win some and you lose some.

But it's the hands of love that count.


  1. No pics showed up! Looking forward to tasting your cooking and hands of love, Caroline. See you soon.

    Love ya'll.

  2. yup! the experimenting is one of the really fun parts! i hope all hands and tummies are filled with delight during this easter feasting!

  3. It looks like you girls had lots of fun making the muffins, and that is what matters most. Hope you make lots of fun Easter things over the holiday weekend. This cute blog made my day as I needed a little cheer.



  4. So great to see this! I hope Caroline has many happy memories to come of cooking delicious and wholesome foods with family!