Tuesday, April 26, 2011

daddy's hands of love...

Marc and I (Amy) have been on the lookout for a wooden swingset for a couple of years now. And when Marc saw this particular one at Sams Club, honestly my first reaction was this looks more like a HOTEL than a swingset! Is that what my kid really needs? But alas, when I saw the Amy,-I-really-want-to-build-this-for-my-daughter look in hubby's eye and then both Pop & Mamie AND Nanny & Papa decided to pitch in towards the cost, how could I resist?! Plus, it was less money than most of the simple wooden swingsets we'd been looking at anyways.

But just like ALL home rennovations, what started out as a fun Spring Break project unfortunately turned into a month-long project... (finding time outside to work on it was tough between the cold weather and our family's responsibilities)

At the end of each day that we were able to find time to work on it, I snapped a picture & thought you might appreciate seeing Daddy's "hands of love"... (we love you, Daddy! Way to go!) You'll also see how we went from winter into spring as well! :)

Day 1. Construction begins & Daddy's excited.

Day 2. Pop & Mamie were here to look on.

Day 3. Pop got roped into doing some work. :)

Day 4. Lookin' good, Daddy!

Day 5. We have a roof!

Day, um, "6".

Day "7" was amazing because now I could do this:

Day "8." We're almost there!

Day "9". Complete! Great job, Dad! And a big thank you to Pop & Mamie and Nanny & Papa!

Now let the years of fun begin...


  1. this looks awesome! yay for family climbing/swinging/building fun!

  2. oh my goodness that is awesome!! i want to come play!! i will settle for playing with y'all in pcb in a couple of weeks, though :)

  3. Neat how the background gradually greens up. Special projects like this take time and love! :)

  4. Caroline, I need to come swing on that awesome swing set and slide. Maybe before too long.
    Love ya'll

  5. What an amazing job! Looks wonderful. And where is my gold-plated name plate?

  6. You were right about the hotel! That's a legit swingset! Way to go Mista Landlawd.