Monday, May 2, 2011

much ado about #2...

Once upon a time, when Mommy's head was apparently in a faraway place, she thought she could encourage the Princess to potty train. You see, for awhile now, the Princess was able to be quite the lady when it came to, well, #1.

But that 'twas not true with #2.

So Mommy made the Princess a chart. Here's a way that will help her, Mommy thought! And everyday the Princess would look and point at the chart with excitement. The Princess could even offer looong, detailed explanations on what would happen if she actually succeeded in the bathroom department: if she could go poopie, she would be given a sticker for her chart, and on the 4th sticker, she could go pick a toy of her choosing!! (at the Dollar store, of course...because we are big spenders...) :)

But alas. It wasn't happening.

Not to be blue, but we were giving up on #2.

With each passing week, the anti began to be raised. Bargains were made. TWO stickers for one success! Today you can get THREE stickers for going poopie on the potty! Better yet, if you will just go ONE TIME, you'll get ALL 4 stickers and we'll go immediately to the toy store!... AND we'll go eat some ice cream... etc. etc. (You get the drift.) It was well-known that there would be nothing less than a firework show at our place.

The Princess knew what she needed to do, but it still didn't lead to any #2.

Until... one day last week! Out of the blue, it happened! Sound the alarms!

It was true! She had gone #2!

4 STICKERS on the chart!

Excited calls to all of the grandparents!

A quick trip to the dollar store where I picked out playdough!

A family trip to eat ICE CREAM! (not pictured)

AND then a toy came in the mail from Nanny & Papa, too!

The Princess was beside herself. It was the happiest day of her life.

The Prince, with joy and delight in his eye, said,
"My Princess, I am so proud of you. You figured out how to go #2!"

And they lived happily ever after... (even though it's not happened again since...) :)
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  1. hahaha.

    WOOHOO for going #2

    Do it again and make mommas dream come true!

  2. Nanny & PapaMay 2, 2011 at 12:53 PM

    Caroline, No.2 is what you need to do. Are you trying to get more stickers and more toys??????
    Come on baby girl! You can do it.

    Love ya'll.

    Don't give up Mommy & Daddy. The Little Princess will become a Big Princess soon.

  3. Was there a assignment given to the moms on Arrowhead Drive to write about "bathroom" must see what Susan wrote about, too! Leah got to have gum!
    Little girls - growing up soooo fast!!!

  4. bwa ha ha ha! now if they'll only do it again.

  5. Oh Ames, I am laughing so hard. That chart made me think of the "toilet paper chart" from the UNT dorms...

  6. I laughed out loud at this post! Which was not so good considering I was sitting in a seminar when read- ha!