Sunday, May 22, 2011

air show...

We are home! Exhausted. But home nonetheless.

And who knew that living in little ol' Lynchburg, Virginia, could be SO cool? Apparently it's the perfect place for a popular annual air show, so all the locals were telling us about it the minute we got home from Florida. So everywhere you looked, people around town were stopped in parking lots in order to watch!

And since they were giving a repeat performance this afternoon, our family (like the rest of Lynchburg!) decided to check it out from the back of our truck. (I mean, who needs to go buy tickets-- all we had to do was look up!)

And I (Amy) am probably the farthest thing from what you'd call an "air show enthusiast," (Lord knows, I am a very anxious flyer in the first place) but this was seriously the coolest thing ever!! (You can imagine Caroline's reaction, too! She loved it!) Here's a few pics I snapped as these jets flew around us EXTREMELY fast! (SO fast that you didn't even hear the incredibly loud SOUNDS they make until they were long gone-- faster than the speed of sound...)

STRAIGHT up. It was unbelievable what those guys can do. I know I would be puking at this point.

Upside down, still in formation.

Six of 'em.

Amazing stuff. Way to go, little Lynchburg!

p.s. Birthmommy Megan, we wish a VERY happy 5th birthday to Brayden (Caroline's full sibling) today! I kept thinking how much he would've LOVED this air show if y'all were here!
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  1. wow that looks awesome! You take incredible pictures :) What type of camera do you have? -Lisa

  2. Hey Lisa- I have a Nikon D60 & have no idea how to actually use the thing!! I just keep it on the automatic setting and should probably get around to learning a little about the different settings one of these days...

  3. I have a FujiFinepix S1800 and am going to take a class soon to learn it better :) You have a natural talent for photography though and such a pretty little girl to take pictures of!