Sunday, June 26, 2011

at 40 (?) months...

Am I 40 months old? Mommy can't keep up anymore. Anyhow, I'm still growing and changing every day. Here's the latest this month!

  • I just learned how to ride a big bike! (with training wheels, of course) It's such a fun thing & it's all I want to do right now! (I'm sure a video will come at some point.)
  • As you just read in the last post, I've now given up using a paci to sleep. This also means I've pretty much given up my afternoon nap. The nap is pretty hit or miss, but mostly miss. :) Now I just have an hour of quiet "room time" where I play with toys in my room. It works out nicely for Mommy to have a break and for me to have some quiet playtime.

  • Just because I don't have any hair doesn't mean I can't have fun playing with it! I like to put all of my hair bows in MOMMY'S hair and then I get to wear all of my fun headbands. (at the same time, of course) :)
  • I am also getting more responsibilities around the house now. My jobs are to set the table for our meals, to dump off my plate when I'm finished eating and put it in the dishwasher, to pick up my toys, to brush my teeth, and most recently I'm learning how to make my own bed. You'll also see me helping out with cooking fairly often. Mommy loves a little helper!
  • I'm currently learning that boys and girls are um, different. (Mommy just thought she needed to put that out there in case I say or ask anything mildly inappropriate...)

  • We recently had to say goodbye to Tim & Sarah, who are moving to Florida and whom I ADORED. I keep talking about how I'm going to come and visit them because they live near the beach and next to Mickey Mouse!
  • Being 3 is definitely a challenge, but I'm starting to learn how to say "yes ma'am" when Mommy asks me to do something. I've also reached the age where it hurts, hurts, HURTS when Mommy & Daddy take a privilege or a toy away from me for bad behavior. Works like a charm. (At least for now...)
  • Seriously, every DAY I'm getting a new cut or bruise or gash from my adventurous lifestyle! Oh the days...
  • Still learning to type and read 3 letter words! It's amazing all the words I'm starting to recognize and spell!

  • Here's a first for me-- I just started getting into my baby dolls! (funny how I look exactly like this one, isn't it?) It is sooo sweet to see me being a good Mommy to my little babies.
  • I'm still a huge Thomas the Tank Engine fan, but I'm also loving to watch nature shows about the ocean or animals with Mommy & Daddy. I think the way dolphins jump are pretty cool right now.
  • I know I've got alopecia, and I'm not afraid to tell you, either. I'm noticing I'm different, but it's not bothering me. Just curious. I asked Mommy a few weeks ago why her hair stayed in. (sigh...) I pointed to a bald baby in the grocery store and exclaimed with excitement, "Mom! She has alopecia, too!!!"

I am one active, thriving, SMART, SOCIAL, observant, and mature little 3 year old who is so, so, SO loved.
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  1. Caroline, what is your baby's name? I'm glad you like babies. But trains are fun also. We love you. See you soon.

  2. Caroline: Our motto was "Everyone's got something."

    You are one COOL kid.

    I got a new baby doll since you were here last. Her name is Amelia.