Tuesday, June 14, 2011


CRABBIN': v. to catch crabs out of the water using only a string, a piece of chicken, and a net. If a toddler is involved in the said activity, it is sure to involve shrills and screams of delight, followed by a most delicious FREE meal!

(and it's the perfect thing to do on your family's vacation to the Outer Banks)

First, tie a piece of raw chicken to the end of a string and drop it down into the water. When you feel a little tug, VERY SLOWLY pull the string up until you can spot the chicken under the water.

Call out, "Daddy! I've got one!" and then watch as Daddy scoops up a crab!

And may I say that this little gal was an expert crabber! (she's also excellent at being a cra.... ah, hem....just kidding... well, sort of...) :)

Measure him. Is he a keeper?

Yes! We caught 5 that were big enough to keep and eat! One of them even pinched Daddy, but that's okay-- let's just say Daddy got his revenge. :)

Caroline was awfully curious when we told her we were going to eat the crabs. "Well, what are we going to do about their eyes?" she repeatedly asked us. ha!

It was a BLAST. And if you don't believe me, listen to the experience in her own words:


  1. Oh Ames, she is just such a hoot! She and my E could get in BIG trouble together - I think they have a lot in common! :) Such a bright, sweet girl! So glad you're having fun! Love ya!

  2. What DO you do with their eyes? I like Caroline's method of catching crab better than "Deadliest Catch."

  3. Caroline, you are not a crab.... you just eat the crabs. We had such fun. Love ya,

  4. Thanks for sharing ... Leah said -- that my Caroline! She at MeMaw's tonight and maybe tomorrow...we'll see how life goes on the farm!
    Leah's Memaw