Monday, April 23, 2012


"Mommy, I can't wait to touch a FLUTE!" I (Caroline) kept saying all week.

The days passed soooooo slowly as I eagerly anticipated going to Mommy's symphony concert ALL week. As part of an initiative to attract more families to come out to the symphony, they were going to have an "instrument petting zoo" before the concert. (Hence, my constant talking about touching FLUTES...)

But when we arrived, and I was all ready for the big moment to touch a FLUTE... behold! What did I see??

An itty bitty 1/16th sized violin, just my size!

And from that moment on, it was ALL violin.

Touch a flute? Eh, I'll stick a thumb on it. But that little violin sitting in its little case behind me on the table is calling my name...

I love this thing!

Try a trombone slide? Oh, okay.

Now where's the violin?

You see, I've come quite a ways on my TOY violin at home, as Mommy's showed me how to hold a violin and take care of it. But I have never been allowed to play on a REAL one!

Until now. This was a huge deal. And now perhaps Mommy's seeing a real violin in my near future...

(I think proud was an understatement...)

Daddy shot a quick picture of Mommy before the concert began... I sat SO still the first half of the concert, but was much less than stellar the second half...

Afterwards, Mommy took Leah & me up on stage and let US pretend to play in the orchestra! (we are using our umbrellas as pretend violins) he he!

Though I didn't come out of her tummy, it's like it was meant to be. :)


  1. When are you gonna give the girls' lessons? ha ha!

  2. 1/16ths are so CUTE! I can't wait until your home is filled with the lovely, sultry tones of a tiny violin. (HA!)

  3. Is Marc ready for a beginning string player? I think I'd be trying to influence her to play flute, if I were Marc.

  4. Amy, your face when you're watching Caroline hold the violin is absolutely priceless! Love, love, love!

  5. It is what is learned after birth that has a powerful influence on this sweetheart. She looks so natural. Maybe it's time for lessons to begin. Love y'all.