Tuesday, April 24, 2012

not a g'day, mate...

We got some disappointing news the other day:  Our Australia trip this summer is officially off.

Not enough students signed up to go, so MTW (Mission to the World, the missions agency) had to cancel the trip altogether.  While we were initially saddened at this news, we are resting in God's providence.

Since we had seen this coming on the horizon, I (Amy) thought of a way to begin preparing Caroline for the bad news one day.

"Mommy?" she said from the back seat of the car.
"Yeah, babe?"
"Can we go to Baltimore again?  I want to go to the aquarium."
"Ooh, I loved going to the aquarium in Baltimore.  That was SO fun, wasn't it?"
"Yeah, Mommy.  When can we go?"
"Well, hmmmm.  There's a chance we might not be able to go to Australia this summer."
"Why, Mommy?"
"Not enough students have signed up to go so far.  So if it works out where we can't go to Australia, then maybe we could go to Baltimore instead."

Okay, easy enough, I thought.

So when it came time to officially break the news to her, wouldn't ya know the first thing she said was:

"We can go to BALTIMORE!!!!"   (ha!)

Baltimore / Australia.  You know... minor difference.  :)

Thankfully our disappointment has been covered with a greater sense of God's providence and guidance for our family.  Honestly, just the hope and planning of the trip alone was so good for me, if that makes any sense.  I was forced to face anxieties I usually suppress.  And just the excitement of having it to look forward to got me through many emotionally desolate days.  For that, I am thankful.

Even if the trip itself isn't to be.

In other news, we finished our final homestudy visit today!, and our social worker is rushing to complete our homestudy by May 1st before new adoption laws are enacted in Virginia.  Then we'll order our adoption profile book, (the one we showed you guys) send in $2,000 birthmother fee, and officially be in the waiting pool!  (which means at that point, we could literally get a call at any moment.... OR be waiting for years...)

And yes, I guess secretly we are hoping that God's providence of NOT giving us the Australia trip is because He might have a new little one to join our family very soon!, but only He knows.

He writes our story.

"I may not know the way I go, but oh, I know my Guide."  -hymn, "His Love Can Never Fail"


  1. sorry, ames! that is a disappointment :-( maybe 2 winters in 1 year would've been too much for y'all ;-) but i hope to visit y'all this summer. maybe our fam can come see your fam!! ooooh that would be so wonderful!! and to think there may be a NEW little corbett....

  2. He's just waiting for the final papers. Be prepared for the little one. We have been praying for the baby He has already picked out for the Corbett Family! Love ya.