Thursday, March 28, 2013

one city, two worlds (part 2)...

Ahh, so many posts and pictures I want to share with you all!  If only I wasn't swamped underneath the constant pull-and-tug of two children... you understand.

But first, I'll finish up our Chicago post from last time.

You'll remember that Marc and the RUF students were immersed in the Southside all week (very urban).

Well, my week was... let's say, a little more comfortable than his!  The kids and I headed to the suburbs to visit family!

Packing up for that grueling 12 hour car trip...  somebody wasn't so happy.

But the kids did surprisingly pretty well!  (again, that's just how we roll.  Caroline's been making trips since she was born, and now Jameson's just going to have to learn the ropes of traveling...)

The evening we got to my sister's house, they threw a little birthday party for Caroline with a cake and present.  Here they are singing "happy birthday" to her.  :)

It was so great to see cousins Trevor & Tyson again!  They are growing up too, too fast!  (Jameson looks like he is a little spaced out from 12 hours of the car, eh?  ha ha...)

Our days were mostly spent visiting the school where Trev & Ty attend and Auntie Jill teaches 2nd grade.  Then the afternoons were mostly resting at home until everybody came back from school.

I've got to say, though, it was truly amazing for me to bring my children to that school.  During those fast and furious days of Jameson's adoption, my sweet sister was telling EVERYONE about our story, and it seemed like everyone at that school was praying for us!  Even the very first day I found out I had a SON and I had to NAME him and he was coming to live with me in nine days!!, I called my sister to tell her the story.  She was at work, of course, and so as she listened, she turned me on speakerphone and gathered in a group of teachers to listen and freak out with us!

Parents of students there sent us cards and blankets that the kids had made, and so it was so neat to be able to GO there and actually MEET so many of the people that I had heard about through Jill.

Jameson had celebrity status there, of course.  The kids could barely concentrate in class with him around.  :)

One night we got to attend a basketball practice of Tyson's, and the coach was SO sweet to ask Caroline (who was, of course, wearing a skirt and silver ballet flats) to come join their practice.  She LOVED it, though that girl hasn't dribbled a ball once in her LIFE! :)  But her big cousin, Tyson, was by her side the whole time, taking care of her and encouraging his teammates to pass to her.  (is that not so sweet??)

Another night we got to attend an end-of-the-year basketball party for Trevor.  It was so great to be able to be apart of their lives and meet all the people that they love.  We had a great time.

We all missed Daddy SO much during the week, and he even drove up to the suburbs one morning and surprised us!  (maybe another post on that soon?)

I only hope that my little guy will grow up to have a heart half as sweet as his cousins.  Well done, my sister!

Speaking of, here's my sis, "Auntie"!

And my brother-in-law, Uncle Adam! (who Caroline started calling "Uncle")  He and Jameson had bonding time in the evenings, especially the one evening Jill and I left to shop for ONE HOUR, handed all the kids over to Adam, and then Jameson decided to have one of the worst meltdowns of his little life... fun times for Uncle Adam.  :)

The two most adorable little kids... :)

It was a wonderful week with our family, and I'm so grateful we got to see them.

God is at work in the suburbs!
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