Thursday, August 8, 2013

9 days, 9 months...

Dearest little Jameson,

When I first got "the" call about you, telling me that you were mine,

I had nine days to wait for you.

Nine days until I would meet you, and hold you

and bring you home to our eager little family.

Today you've been alive for nine months!

How the time has already flown.  How quickly you grow and change.

I look at you, and I'm speechless at God's goodness.

HE knew what was best for me,

WAY before I ever did.

I remember His tender stirrings in my heart

over many months, and years,

preparing me to be a Mama to you,

though I resisted the thought at times,

though I was scared at the what ifs

and though I had no idea this was indeed my story.

And then, the night I sent the email

that said we longed to have a baby boy with skin like chocolate,

YOU were born less than 24 hours later.

Could it be any less than God's miraculous timing?

Nine days without you,

but I've more than cherished the nine months with you.
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  1. We are all so blessed to have this sweet little boy in our lives. Thank You Father God!