Thursday, November 21, 2013

at 12 months...

At some point, I had hopes that I'd be doing these posts every month for Jameson like I did the first time around for Caroline.  I thought it'd be helpful to document what they were like and what they were doing at each age marker.  But you know how that goes with the second child... :)

Nevertheless, let's do one now!

Jameson, at 12 months....

  • You could not be any CUTER!  You are the sweetest and most handsome little thing we've ever seen.  
  • Would you believe you are WALKING, but you don't have a single tooth in your body?!  We swear you've been teething for almost a year now, :) but alas, not a tooth to be found.  That's certainly not slowing you down on eating, though!
  • Words to describe you would be: happy, good-natured, inquisitive, quiet, engineer-type, and fun

  • Maybe this is across the board with boys, (but new for Mommy) but you are OBSESSED with figuring out how things work.  You love it.  You love flipping things over. (as you'll keep seeing...)  You like opening and closing the cover of a book we're reading.  While Mommy's reading...
  • You LOVE to bang on things and you notice rhythm.  Are you already a drummer, Mommy wonders?  

  • You like to get out and play with Mommy's hair dryer and brush.  (2 things of which you'll never need or use...)  And yes, that is a toilet in the background.  We have one that needs replacing.  :)

  • It's so crazy how you can walk now!  Your steps are still little and you're working hard at balancing, but heck- you can get from room to room on two legs now, and you're getting faster and more mobile each day!
  • You love to push things and walk behind them:  a laundry basket, a push toy, a waste basket, Daddy's leg, anything that will slide.  

  • Your sister loves playing the piano, and so you are already well aware of what a keyboard is.   You like to play on one, too, but you also enjoy flipping it over to examine the backside.
  • You're a snuggler!  You are content to be held for periods of time.

  • No more baby food for you!  You are really going for finger foods now.  I can tell you like the independence of eating.  Right now you especially like: soft carrots, beans, chicken, hot dog bits, rice, bread, eggs, and olives.  

  • You're okay letting big sis take the wheel.  Both literally and figuratively.
  • Favorite thing of yours: our tv remotes.  (go figure!  Such a guy.)  And as of this week, we really get a "show" when we take them away from you-- you've learned to fall limp on the floor crying and screaming like life itself is going to end.  :)  It's awful.

  • You and your sis are sweet together.  Most of the time you guys play separately, but then come back to one another and play together.  You get super jealous when Mommy or Daddy hold or love on Caroline.

  • Just like you gravitate towards things that keep you guessing, I like to say that you, Jameson, keep us guessing.  From the beginning, you've never been one to follow a strict schedule or meet the milestones whenever some book says you're supposed to.  With your reflux issues, we're left guessing when it comes to transitioning you away from the hypoallergenic formula and onto milk.  Nothing seems to be working right just yet.  We'll keep trying.   Sometimes you're not the easiest one to figure out...

  • Mommy's taking you to Babygarten at the library, just like your big sister, Caroline!  You absolutely LOVE it!  

  • Here you are trying to give a toy to another little guy.  You are so sweet.
  • Well, except for your hitting thing.  Yeah, you're a hitter.  You particularly like Caroline's bald head, but you'll hit Mommy and Daddy in the face, too.  When you see their reaction and hear them say, "No no, Jameson" firmly, you get a pouty face and begin crying, only long enough before you try hitting again!  Oh dear, we will keep working...
  • You are "talking" all the time.  We just can't understand a word of what you're trying to say.  :)  We can tell you are starting to understand more of what we're saying, though!  
  • Words you're saying: all done, Mama, Dada, God, ball
  • Every animal sound is "kkkkkkk"  (as in, "what does the cow say?"  "kkkkk")  :)
  • But you've got the first catechism question down pat!  ("Who made you?"  "GAH!")

  • Look at the sleeping babies!  ha ha!  You have to have a pacifier and a blanket to sleep.  Mommy switched to a satin crib sheet when she learned how much better that would be on your hair.
  • You are taking a morning and afternoon nap, and then bedtime is 7:30.  You still wake at least once or twice a night, though... Mommy and Daddy are more than ready to be done with THAT!

With all the guessing you keep giving us, you also have so many hugs and kisses to give!
We love you, our sweet guy.
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  1. yay! great update! I love to see all the stuff he's up to! growing up so fast!

  2. Jameson, you are such a handsome young man. Got to work on the tooth thing! Glad to see you walking. Love you & your big sister!