Friday, November 8, 2013

we had a ball...

Jameson's first birthday!  Time to celebrate!!

Yes, that is a family-sized pool-aka-transformed-into-a-ball-pit in my living room.  (thank you, Pinterest.)

Our ball theme continued.  Nanny made the most delicious cupcakes!

And if you look close enough on the gluten free cake, you'll see it spells out "Happy Birthday Jameson."   What??  You can't see it?

I love his expression.  To me, it was a moment of sheer contentment...

before it was time to play!

(and yes, if you notice something different about him, he got his first haircut today!  Another blog post...)

Our family's turn in the ball pit...

He loved throwing the balloons.

Here's Daddy taking the dance floor, much to Caroline's delight and Jameson's embarrassment... ha ha!

And his first bite....

The view of this side of the table was just as great as watching him!  Every move Jameson made got big reactions from the crowd.

Which at one point, scared the poor fellow.

But all was okay if Mommy held his hand...

"Uncle" George!

Family photo op.

Giving Nanny a kiss.  We're so glad you could come, Nanny!

This firetruck was his favorite present!  I (Amy) have yet to understand boys.  :)

The guitar was a close second!  Rock on, Jameson!

While Jameson did his typical boyish things, these girls were busy getting all dressed up. (now that's something I understand...) ;)

Happy 1st birthday, little brother!

We love you, we love you.
We had a ball.
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  1. Jameson, I'm so glad I was able to be there for your birthday! Happy that you liked the two gifts papa & I gave to you. Hope you enjoy them a long time. Love y'all!