Saturday, November 2, 2013

his first halloween...

Well, I'm in Dallas with my dad.  It's been too crazy, busy, and too emotionally exhausting to write.  Today was a BIG day, though.  A game changer.  After 7 long days, he's finally out of ICU.  I'm sure I'll type more at some point, but not now.  I'm just glad he's resting in his own private hospital room tonight.  That was a HUGE answer to prayer.  Thank you, God.   Thank you, friends, for praying on his behalf.

So I promise to update more soon, but thought I'd share pictures from the night before I left.

Jameson's first Halloween.

A puppy dog and a ballerina.

Watch out, there goes the puppy!

Can you believe this is the 6th Halloween together for these girls?!

Don't you love the Mary Poppins costume on Leah's mommy?

But if you're talking cuteness, I believe this guy wins all the awards.

Sweet little face.

These two are inseparable.  I can't begin to tell you how much Caroline LOOOOOVES her best friend, Leah.  Like a sister.

It was fun trick or treating with two kids this year.  I can't wait until he and Caroline can run from house to house together!  Of course the reality was that this year, Jameson only lasted about half the time before he began melting down in the stroller.  And he didn't get to enjoy any of the "treats" this time.

But there's always next year...
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