Sunday, April 13, 2014


Since the big announcement from our last post about moving downtown, things have kicked into high gear.  The to-do's are piling up and so many details are consuming our minds!  Home inspection is tomorrow (I'm waiting to share pictures with you guys until everything goes through with that), we've been showing our current home to prospective renters, (since we'll be keeping this property) and we've begun the overwhelming process of downsizing and cutting out the "excess" in our lives.  It's crazy how much stuff we acquire and consume!  I'm actually looking forward to living more simply with less. 

I think the initial shock of "what?!  we're moving?!?" is now wearing off and I find myself becoming more and more excited at the thought.  

In the midst of all the moving preparations, it was so refreshing to enjoy an afternoon at the park with some of our RUF students yesterday. 

This boy was happy if he was playing ball of any kind.
This gal was happy being outside, swinging and playing on the playground.
 The students were happy enjoying the perfect weather and each other's company.

And I was happy and thankful to witness all of the above.

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