Saturday, August 23, 2014

swing batter batter swing!...

Last week I told you guys how this kid is into baseball.

And since then, it's not slowed down one bit.

From morning 'til night, he's engaged in batting practice.

Anything and everything becomes a bat.

Like a vacuum attachment.

(and I'd say his stance is pretty good, too, eh?  We've never shown him a thing about it- he just studied the ball players at the baseball game that intensely.)

And swiiiinnnnnggg!
This is the scene in our house.  Like all. the. time.

Jameson asks us to pitch.  "Baahh!" he says super loud to let us know he wants to play ball.

Caroline tinkers away on the piano.  That girl has an amazing ear for melodies.

Batting with a wooden spatula at bedtime.
Batting with a toy violin, why, of course.

And here's one minute of "batting practice" with a... ruler, I think?

Sign this guy up for tee-ball now!  :)

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