Wednesday, August 6, 2014

six year old guest blogger #2...

Well, I don't know what could possibly top Caroline's first blog post, but she's back in the blogging saddle again, ready to tell you all about one of our little city's most beautiful and historical gems, Old City Cemetery.

We took the kids there last night for a mini photo shoot, and I wasn't the only one busy snapping pictures.  :)

This girl is my CONSTANT reader and writer.  Language is (and has always been) her thing.  She's now beginning chapter books by herself (!!) and there's nothing she likes more than typing out (or writing down) her thoughts.  For instance, instead of acting things out with dolls, she'll go to markers & paper and draw out the scene she's thinking about and write what the characters are saying.  She's amazing.

I'll share my pics with you soon, but without further ado...

here's Caroline, the six-year old guest blogger.

Hi, Everyone!  I went to the Cemetery place and I loved it. One time, me and my Dad were taking the car to the car fixing shop and when we were walking back Dad saw the Cemetery and he said "Caroline, do you want to see the Old City Cemetery?" and i said "Yes! I would love to see the Old City Cemetery!" and there is dead people there too, Yucky! Well, you couldn't see the dead people.   
The Cemetery center is not just a place where dead people are. The Cemetery is a place where you learn about stuff about the Civil war.  I really liked seeing the Cemetery.

I took this picture of this bullfrog and whenever it croaked Jameson my little brother ran over to me and clinged onto my leg's and was SO scared of it's noise.  And there were 4 bullfrog's but 1 jumped into the water and we never saw him again. The other 3 stayed right where they stood and never moved a inch or a foot. 

it's noise scared me a little bit too. I heard this fidgeting and jumping underwater and i was SO SO SO scared, i didn't even figure out what that Crazy thingy was.
Maybe that fidgeting and jumping thingy was ANOTHER bullfrog, so then that would be 5 bullfrog's. Except that 1 jumped in the water and never came up. i think it died when it jumped in the water.

This picture is cloudy but you can see 1 yellowy thing and 1 orangey thing. Those things are fish. They are almost everywhere in the pond. they are called Goldfish. They're not EVERYWHERE in the pond. i was just trying to explain what the fish were. 

And i found the King fish. This photo NEED'S to get you ready and set for more pictures. Am I Crazy? I don't really think so. HaHa! Maybe the King fish was a Queen fish.  Mommy sometimes say's "i think you should start thinking about posting a new blog now." And when it's time to post another one I am SO happy to tell you guy's about my adventure's I've had.

This is the telegraph place. The telegraph place was a long time ago building.   Look very closely near the sun that's really bright.  Can you see something black? Near the gate  or you could call it a fence? that's a long time ago built wagon. and you can barely see the sign that say's: "Stapleton".  

 I have a story that's called: "Happy Birthday, Addy!" and Addy grew up in the Civil War.  And one time I read something that a MEAN white person said and he said this: "EVERY BLACK PERSON GET OFF, NOW! OR I'LL THROW YOU DOWN TOO!" I don't know if he said "OR I'LL THROW YOU DOWN TOO!" Addy's BEST friend Sarah was with her when that MEAN guy said "EVERY BLACK PERSON GET OFF, NOW! OR I'LL THROW YOU DOWN TOO!" And I didn't tell you they (Addy and Sarah) were on a street-car. And when they rode back that's what happened. Well, they were finished with that (good drug store) and the guy that owned it answered a white lady before Addy and Sarah. and when it was their turn the guy said "what do you want?" in a stern voice. that's what happened when Addy and Sarah were alive.

 This photo say's "JEREMIAH CORBETT" and he was a Civil War soldier who died in the Civil War. Was he related to our family, mom? Cause' i don't know yet.
I wish I could of gotten to see Jeremiah Corbett. He even lived in North Carolina, which is where our family is from. (my parent's say that.) (probably still would!)

There is a pest house that tells you the story of some of the Civil War stuff. And there's another pest house that is a hospital that helped people in the Civil War, and why they closed it is because it stinked in there SO bad and it probably smelled like Blood, gross!  And there were mice and rats and i'm so glad that they definitely closed down that hospital when it stinked. i do not know why it put's a red line on stinked. Ughhhhhh! Tired of it.
This is the picture of the HUGE tree swing.   I can't take a whole picture of it, it's SO big.
Under this, guys, is a picture of me on the tree swing.
I am swinging on our... Old Cemetery Center swing.
Mom just said something Crazy Crazy CRAZY! Am I
CrAzY? i don't think so.  Do you like me in my:
New Sun-Hat,
Pink and Green dress,
Pink shoes,
And Wig?
I've had so much fun and I cannot WAIT to talk to you again!


  1. I love it! My favorite line is "i do not know why it put's a red line on stinked. Ughhhhhh! Tired of it."

    Priceless....the whole thing!

  2. Caroline, that was so interesting and I really enjoyed reading it! Hurry and write another one. I'll be waiting!!!