Monday, August 25, 2014

words from the heart...

1st grade, folks.  1st grade.

We're in the big leagues now...

 While Jameson's busy with his batting practice, my Caroline is almost always busy writing, drawing, and reading.  (Is it any surprise that language is her thing?)

As you read in her first two blog posts, this little gal looooves to express herself through words.   (wonder where she gets that from...)  As a mom, I feel like I grow to understand her more as I can see her heart expressed in her writing.

Typing out messages and stories is what Caroline does best, and I've collected a few of the most recent to share with you.
Nothing beats this one.  Nothing.

(you can click on the picture to make it larger)

I think I like the "thank you for paying like 900,00 dollars for Jameson" part the best.  (ha ha!)

 I love her heart as a big sister in this one.
 I found this particular card in her room the day after we prayed for the situation in Iraq.
Doesn't it sound like a psalm, crying out for mercy and justice to the Lord?
These were on my nightstand after her first day of school last week.  I get the feeling she likes first grade.

 (by the way, Mamie, she loved the beautiful backpack with her initials on it.  Thank you!!)
There are hardly enough words to say how much I love this gal.  

I'm so thankful I paid like 900,00 dollars for her, too.  ;)

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