Sunday, May 31, 2015

summer stress...

We've done it to ourselves again.

Some people use the summer to relax by laying by the pool.


We bought an 1820(!) fixer upper to rennovate and turn into a beautiful investment property.  How's that for relaxing?.....

It looks good on paper.  It looks great inside. (I'll share updates at some point!)  It will be a good investment for the future, and an opportunity to bless others with a beautiful, rustic historic home.

But let's just say Work Day #1 came to a halt when we walked in and fleas jumped all over us.

Why do we do it to ourselves?  I have to keep reminding myself this is what Marc and I find "fun."  The "before" isn't so great, but the reward of the "after" will be so worth it, right?

It was one thing to do these investment projects (this isn't our first rodeo) before kids.  It's now another thing to figure that out... umm, free babysitting, anyone???

To add to the stress, this guy's ears are at it again.

Infection followed by infection.  Filled with fluid, and causing him problems.

As a result, he's downright irritable these days.  Screaming out of control.  And he's 2.  And he's not sleeping well at night, unless he's in bed with us... I'm convinced parenting is all about choosing your battles, and right now, sleep wins out.

Jameson's scheduled for his second round of ear tubes and adenoid removal this Thursday morning.  I am sure it will be a relief to how he's feeling and hearing, but ohhhhh, no mama wants to put her baby in surgery.

School has ended now and very soon the frustration will set in for my structure-loving Caroline, who is also losing her cool with the screaming toddler in the house.

Add another vertigo attack for me into the mix this week and we're just not functioning on all cylinders right now.  Somehow we always end up doing this to ourselves.  
Because what fun would a normal, boring life be?

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