Thursday, May 7, 2015

that's a wrap...

After a year of starting over in many ways, we had a strong finish to our 14th year of campus ministry in RUF.

Like every year, it had its challenges, with the hardest being the announcement of Sweet Briar College's closing.

And like every year, it was super hard to say goodbye to some incredible seniors.

Who's the best dressed East-Texan?
But it was encouraging to see a new group of student leaders emerge and truly begin to take ownership of the ministry.  Makes me excited to see what they will accomplish together next fall.

We ended the year with a tradition Marc and I brought here to Virginia from Texas: our "Hands on a Hardbody" party!  We watched the hard-to-find documentary, "Hands on a Hardbody" where a group of very eclectic East Texans compete for a pickup truck by standing around it with their hands on it, and the one who stands the longest (we're talking days!!) wins the truck.

The final two in our costume competition...

And the winner goes to... Angela!
And look what shirt our Sweet Briar senior, Leah, showed up wearing!!! Guns up, Texas Tech!  (we miss you, Lubbock friends and alumnae!!)

So it's a year in the books for this fabulous uncle/niece duo.  (well, with the exception of Summer Conference in just another week!)  

Thank you, THANK YOU for all of you who financially support our ministry and allow us to impact the lives of students with the hope and good news of the Gospel!

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