Saturday, July 11, 2009


Ever wonder where all the Cabbage Patch Kids are born? (remember the fascination with CPK's 20 yrs. ago??) RIGHT HERE at Babyland General Hospital, where we got to tour this week!

We got to witness a birth of a CPK! You'll be happy to know that Taegan Michael was "delivered" successfully out of the Patch. :)

Then the babies are taken to the nursery where they await in hopes that someone will come along soon to adopt them! They even had some preemie's in incubators!

Then we looked at all the older kids who are still awaiting adoption.

I fell in love with a CPK that looked kinda like me, but when Mommy & Daddy found out the adoption fees for these originals ranged around $300 (!!!)...

they said they'd already adopted the best gal they could ever find. :)
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  1. awww...I never had a CBK b/c they cost too much 25 years ago too!!! But my mom and Paul's mom both made us one then...isn't that cool? I'm trying to get Meme to make one for Leah now...but the one she made Paul 30 years ago looks like Leah so she can play with that one!

  2. I have Amara Marnie, Merry Belle, and Phillip George as well as Clyde Beau. Amara kind of looks like Caroline. Let me know if you want one. Mamie

  3. cute!

    looks like a fun place to visit.