Saturday, July 4, 2009

caught red-footed...

Hope you're having a rockin' 4th of July like I am!

Recent new words (too many to list!) include:
boot ("buh")
hot dog ("tau too")
tractor ("tat too")
bath ("baa")
mail ("meel")

Oh, and if any of you are looking for a great magazine for babies/toddlers, check out Babybug! We were given lots of previous copies, and now it's in my favorite books for Mommy & Daddy to read to me. Don't know how much it costs, but it'd make a nice fun gift idea for the baby/toddler in your life, too!

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  1. The Forest Library has babybug to check out! (just to help save $). :)

    Happy 4th.

  2. I bought Baby Bug for Trevor. I would be glad to subscribe for you if you would like. Mamie