Wednesday, July 22, 2009

bit by a camel & peed-on by a tiger...

Ahhhh, just a relaxing day at the zoo... :) Yes, today was my very first time to go to the zoo! (about an hour from our house) Yea!

You can't even imagine how much Mommy & Daddy had always dreamed of this day. See, I've gotten so good at learning all my animals & noises from books & videos, so it was quite a treat to finally be able to go and SEE them in person! And, of course, I did all the typical, good zoo stuff like...

...see all my favorite animals like the giraffes & elephants...

...and watch the monkeys up close and personal.

Sometimes I was a little skittish and serious around the animals...

...and sometimes they were my buddies. Hey little horsey!

But what made THIS day no ordinary day at the zoo was...

...being showered with pee by THIS tiger... (he sprayed it on our whole family, but since Daddy was filming & not looking, he got the worst of it! ha!)

...and being bitten by a camel. (I was petting this friendly camel on the nose, and a second later, Mommy looked up & freaked out when she saw my entire arm inside the mouth of the camel! Thankfully I wasn't hurt at all- just had lots of camel spit covering my arm-- ewww....)

Exciting times indeed! We loved it. (well, most of it anyways) We'll certainly never forget it. :)
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  1. Awww!!! Glad you all had a good time and made so many good and unique memories. :)

  2. sounds like a lot of fun... minus the pee and camel biting. :)

  3. Nanny & PapaJuly 22, 2009 at 7:47 PM


    Please don't feed the animals. (Ha)
    And watch out for the pee. These were great pics.

    Love Y'all,

    Nanny & Papa

  4. Sounds like the standard zoo trip turned into quite an adventure! It certainly brought all the animals from her books to life in a completely unexpected way!

  5. Even though I'd never ever want to be peed on it's good to know that pee is sterile...ha ha! What a fun trip you guys had!

  6. Ha, this was fantstic to read! I'm so glad all three of you had a good time! Miss y'all, and I hope you summer's going well!

  7. wow, the title of that post really draws you in.