Thursday, August 27, 2009

1st ruf of the year!...

Yay! We had a terrific first RUF of the year tonight! Instead of meeting at a local hotel like we did all of last year, we moved RUF to our basement to give it the more cozy, "home-y" feel. And even though we were packed in like sardines, I think it made everything all the better!

A sweet, SWEET family in our church offered to bring home-baked goodies/snacks to our meeting each week. Yummmmm....

During the announcement time, a certain little "someone" was the center of attention! Even though she was in pajamas & ready for bed, she was feeding off of all the energy in the room & cracking everyone up. :) What a great ice-breaker for the crowd, though! (and then she went to bed upstairs in her room & slept through the rest of the time! Woohoo!)

We had around 40 students come tonight. This semester Marc is doing a series called "The Gospel According to Abraham" where he's teaching through Abraham's life in Genesis 12-25.

Remember our very 1st RUF Lynchburg LAST year? Here Margaret & Lindsay had JUST met for the first time & were the first two gals to ever walk into our new group.

And here they were tonight as our veteran sophomores and sweet friends. (and they wanted to let it be known that tonight they were the LAST to arrive! ha!)

We had LOTS of new faces tonight!

Including (left to right) 2 Caitlyn's, 2 Katie's, & 2 Kate's. How funny, right?

And before you think there was only a sea of girls there... (though we really need some more guys! Come on-- look at all these beautiful gals! Isn't that enough to recruit them?) :)

Oh, and here's the best part... the SINGING! As I (Amy) was putting Caroline to bed upstairs hearing this AMAZING singing downstairs, I ran to get my video camera & got a few seconds of it from the top of the stairs! Take a quick listen-- there's just nothing like cramming 40 people in your basement & all singing together!

Praise God for giving us such a wonderful first night & we are looking forward to really getting to know and love some new faces as well as deepen our relationship with the old ones! Thanks for y'all's prayers & support of RUF! God is at work!
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  1. Wow this is great. That video put the biggest smile on my face...

  2. What a blessing to hear those kids singing! You're doing a great work there.

  3. If your group grows, will you be forced to move out of your basement?