Sunday, August 16, 2009

drama queen...

Okay, remember that book "Eyes, Nose, Fingers, and Toes" I dramatized for you a little while ago with a few still photos? Well, here's somethin' even better... a live, debut performance so you can see all the things I'm learning and doing these days! :)

Other new "things" I just started doing/saying this weekend:

1. Saying "hee-go" (here you go) when I hand you something and "tik-oo" (thank you) when I'm handed something. HA!
2. Other new words: people & "brek" (breakfast)
3. Kissing with my mouth small (as opposed to the huge, open-mouthed baby kisses!)

My friend, "Zih-zee." (Lindsay) :)

p.s. from Mommy...

Another cute story-- (Megan, you'll like this one!) As I was changing her diaper the other day, I was telling Caroline her story about how she came out of birthmommy Megan's tummy and then to see what her response would be, I said, "And birthmommy Megan has a son named...."

And as clear as could be, she answered matter-of-fact-ly, "Brayden"!!!

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