Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 new things...

1. All the outdoor riding toys and stuff we got for FREE on freecycle! woohoo!
2. Getting in the carseat & asking for "miggit." (music)
3. Declaring "al-wite!" (alright!)
4. Seemingly non-stop usage of my favorite phrase: "oh no!," or my favorite word, "no."

5. A HUGE box-load of GREAT clothes from Lori (thank you again!!) including...

an "i luv mommy" t-shirt. :)
6. Opening up Mommy's make-up or hair products & trying to apply it on myself.
7. Screaming at ear-shattering decibels to get any attention whatsoever. (I really like to test my Mommy's lack of patience with THAT one...)
8. Some other recent new words: cook, chicken, "muggy" (monkey), "coes" (clothes), "go-ee" (glory), & "bup" (bump) (there are too many to keep up with now!)
9. When Daddy sings the beginning guitar riff to the song "Barracuda" by Heart, I know when to do the high squealy part. ha!

10. Getting caught "bear"-bottomed! ha! (thanks for the cute tights, Pop & Mamie!)

p.s. keep the career path guesses a-comin'! Y'all are coming up with much better ideas than I ever could! We'll pick a winner in the next couple of days!

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  1. Caroline, that was awesome of your mommy to get that shopping cart for Leah....we'd love it! You guys can load up leaves in it this fall...that time will be here soon enough!

  2. I LOVE freecycle!!!! (If you have a riding car that you don't want-I could give one to my nephew, Jameson? :)

  3. Ah I need to talk to this girl on the phone! Sounds like she has a lot to say! :)

  4. WE LOVE FREECYCLE! We've gotten a tricycle, Little Tikes climber cube with slide, toddler bed rail and so much more! YAY!