Tuesday, September 1, 2009

health reports...

Well, it figures. The weather changes and all of a sudden, I'm fighting some kind of little allergy/cold bug-- you know the kind-- stuffy & runny nose, sneezing alot!, general fussiness (perhaps increased by the fact that I'm not eating or sleeping as well)...

But so far, it's not slowing me down too much. Pop & Mamie, I know I have to feel better by the time you come to visit me on Friday! We can't WAIT!

Update from Mommy:

Hey guys- just to let y'all know- the lab results from the biopsy on my foot came back just as the doctor suspected-- it was a very, VERY low grade cancer that doesn't spread or get aggressive or is anything to worry about. They are typical to develop every so often with my type of birthmark, so when they DO come about, the only thing you can do is to biopsy them off like we did & it's taken care of.

As for my recovery- I'm walking normally at 100%! Right now I'm only wearing flip flops, though, because I DO still feel pain if I put on tennis shoes or any kind of close-toed shoes that cover the top of my foot where the spot was. I'm hoping that after I get my stitches out (on Thurs.) & give it a little more time to heal, I'll be ready to wear regular shoes again! (at least by the time the weather cools down!)
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  1. We're so sorry you aren't feeling well, Caroline. Everybody around here is having sinus and allergy problems. Stuffy nose and coughing. Hope you are soon better and that you have a great time with your grandparents.
    Oh, Mom, we're glad you got a good report. We love y'all.

    Nanny & Papa

  2. Cancer! It really was cancer?! Now I feel sick, too! Praise God they cut it out! :-)

    Try the humidifier in her room at night to help.