Friday, September 18, 2009

19 on 18...

It's the 18th of the month, so you know what that means... I'm 19 months old today! (my last "teen" month-- ha!) At this age...

-one of my favorite daily routines is getting the "MEYL" with Daddy. I LOVE to stick my hand inside & pull out the envelopes! (birthmommy Megan, I also put a bunch of pictures in this mailbox for you the other day, so be looking for 'em! We can't wait to see you in Dec!)

Yessss! I got some "MEYL"!

-Some new words/phrases in the past few days: "careful," (I'm sure you can't imagine why I hear THAT one alot!) "Daddy's truck," "our car," "our house," "break it," (again, can't imagine why...) & "some."

-I also have radar ears. This is the look I get on my face when I hear a car or a plane outside. The world STOPS.

(interesting story: Mommy & I were outside playing the other day when my radar ears picked up on a really loud plane right over our house. Now, you gotta understand, big jets usually DON'T fly into Lynchburg, so this was strange for it to be so big and so close to our house! Not only that, another jet that same exact coloring/size flew by a minute or two later! And then ANOTHER one... they didn't look like any commercial passenger jet colors, either. White on top, turquoise-ish on the bottom... Mommy went inside & told Daddy about these jets, and the only way she could describe them was they looked like Air Force One jets! Well, sure enough... we just found out this morning that it WAS, indeed, Air Force One flying overhead! I have no idea why it was flying THAT low- I mean, we aren't THAT close to D.C.

And what's even funnier, our pastor's son was ON that plane as a white house photographer with the New York Times! Crazy!)

Mr. President, I hope you enjoyed flying over our white house. :)
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  1. Excellent post. It has everything the people love-- precious pictures, new words ("careful" and "break it" indeed!), funny story. Instant classic. :)

  2. Leah likes to check the mail too but I learned to check first for spiders...a black widow was in our mailbox one time she reached in...just a warning! But happy day little Line!