Monday, September 28, 2009

potential future career paths #10...

Accountant/financial adviser/banker.

News reporter warning of an impending hurricane.

Professional hiker? or a vaudeville performer?

Pumpkin inspector no. 351.

??? Got any ideas for this one? Let's hear 'em!
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rainy days & mondays...

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

love/hate relationship...

Nanny, how cute! I LOVE my new Elmo trick-or-treat basket you got me!

The Elmo costume? Um... not so much. So you'll just have to wait & see what I AM gonna be for Halloween!

But oh, I just love carrying around my basket!

Come on & hurry up, Halloween!
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the sick violin...

Here's one for you! (if your ears can stand it, that is!) Mommy swears that this will in NO way reflect on my own future violin playing, but gee whiz, guys... don't you think it's time to invest in some new batteries???

Monday, September 21, 2009


I'm on the lookout for monsters today. Can you help me find one?

Nope, don't see any over there.

Maybe if I walk over here I'll spot a monster...

AAAAUUUGHHH!!!! I found one! (ha ha)
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Friday, September 18, 2009

19 on 18...

It's the 18th of the month, so you know what that means... I'm 19 months old today! (my last "teen" month-- ha!) At this age...

-one of my favorite daily routines is getting the "MEYL" with Daddy. I LOVE to stick my hand inside & pull out the envelopes! (birthmommy Megan, I also put a bunch of pictures in this mailbox for you the other day, so be looking for 'em! We can't wait to see you in Dec!)

Yessss! I got some "MEYL"!

-Some new words/phrases in the past few days: "careful," (I'm sure you can't imagine why I hear THAT one alot!) "Daddy's truck," "our car," "our house," "break it," (again, can't imagine why...) & "some."

-I also have radar ears. This is the look I get on my face when I hear a car or a plane outside. The world STOPS.

(interesting story: Mommy & I were outside playing the other day when my radar ears picked up on a really loud plane right over our house. Now, you gotta understand, big jets usually DON'T fly into Lynchburg, so this was strange for it to be so big and so close to our house! Not only that, another jet that same exact coloring/size flew by a minute or two later! And then ANOTHER one... they didn't look like any commercial passenger jet colors, either. White on top, turquoise-ish on the bottom... Mommy went inside & told Daddy about these jets, and the only way she could describe them was they looked like Air Force One jets! Well, sure enough... we just found out this morning that it WAS, indeed, Air Force One flying overhead! I have no idea why it was flying THAT low- I mean, we aren't THAT close to D.C.

And what's even funnier, our pastor's son was ON that plane as a white house photographer with the New York Times! Crazy!)

Mr. President, I hope you enjoyed flying over our white house. :)
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

cooking with caroline...

Alright, well, on today's show I'm going to be showing all you busy toddler's out there how YOU, too, can find time to cook on a budget while eating healthy. We know it's tougher these days between all the toys and all the games you've got going on to have to think about feeding a family. But you can DO it! And I guarantee that by the end of this episode, you'll have your mama wanting more! Here we go...

First, make sure you've done your work ahead of time. Select the freshest ingredients available to you at your local grocery store. It's a good idea to scan them in to check if they're on sale.

Then, when it's time to cook, you might wanna have some adult supervision present. You know, we're ALL tempted to touch a hot pan every now & then just to see if it REALLY is "hot," so that's when it can help to ask Mom to keep a watch. :) I know you think you can do it on your own, but trust me. You can't.

Alright, so here's what happens next: I take the mushrooms in my hand one-by-one and carefully place them into the pan of cooked beef that I have stirred. (we'll be adding some sauce to this to make stroganoff over rice)

And... waalah! Now I TOLD you your mama would be amazed! :)
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Monday, September 14, 2009

a cruel joke...

Let's see... two parents- both sick on the couch, a toddler, and a laser pointer... need I say more?


Any of you out there with children know how AMAZING it is to see your precious little "baby" grow up and start speaking to you!! With all the new words I'm saying these days, it's entirely impossible to keep up an accurate list, but here's a few of my newest discoveries in the English language: (funny how they're totally normal words to us, but when your BABY learns them for the first time, they become so impressive!)

dress toy
cars (plural)
paci (what we call the pacifier)
"see'm" (as in, "I want to see him.")
"dir" (dinner)
"peer" (computer)
"tee tah" (tick tock)

My 2 word sentences are beginning. Right now they're usually something like "Bye bye kitty cat" or "Oh wow!"

I've also started realizing Mommy & Daddy say "a" in front of words, so I'm starting to call things "ahh car," (a car) "ahh pane," (a plane) etc. I also try this little rule of grammar on words it doesn't go with like "ahh please." (A please?)

This morning as I was looking at a Noah's ark book, I pointed to Noah's attire and said "dress." :)
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Friday, September 11, 2009

me & you, and you & me...

Born 2 days apart and living 4 houses away from each other, Leah & I make a pretty good team! We really cracked our Mommy's up this morning when we figured out on our own that...

You liked riding the tractor & I liked pushing you in it.

Aw, come on, Mom. Another picture?!

That's better. (Whee!!!) C-ya on the farm!
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 new things...

1. All the outdoor riding toys and stuff we got for FREE on freecycle! woohoo!
2. Getting in the carseat & asking for "miggit." (music)
3. Declaring "al-wite!" (alright!)
4. Seemingly non-stop usage of my favorite phrase: "oh no!," or my favorite word, "no."

5. A HUGE box-load of GREAT clothes from Lori (thank you again!!) including...

an "i luv mommy" t-shirt. :)
6. Opening up Mommy's make-up or hair products & trying to apply it on myself.
7. Screaming at ear-shattering decibels to get any attention whatsoever. (I really like to test my Mommy's lack of patience with THAT one...)
8. Some other recent new words: cook, chicken, "muggy" (monkey), "coes" (clothes), "go-ee" (glory), & "bup" (bump) (there are too many to keep up with now!)
9. When Daddy sings the beginning guitar riff to the song "Barracuda" by Heart, I know when to do the high squealy part. ha!

10. Getting caught "bear"-bottomed! ha! (thanks for the cute tights, Pop & Mamie!)

p.s. keep the career path guesses a-comin'! Y'all are coming up with much better ideas than I ever could! We'll pick a winner in the next couple of days!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

potential future career paths #9...

a happy gardener...

Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer...

Car wash attendant...

a remedial dental hygiene student...

Nozzle repair woman, perhaps?...

??? It's your turn! Put on those thinking caps & let's hear your guesses!
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