Monday, January 18, 2010

at 23 months...

I'm only one month away from the big "2" birthday!


  1. Ha she is amazing! My little Joshua is only a month younger than Caroline but he has no where near the vocabulary she does. Now that I think about it my Kayla was like that (almost) at that age. Girls love to talk though, my boys like to grunt ;)-Lisa

  2. She's so talented to be able to sing while lying on her tummy! ;)

    Acting like a 2 year old! Have fun!

  3. Caroline,

    You are such a smart two year old. Can hardly wait to deliver the Elmo Cake again. Nanny & Papa love you very much.

  4. She's come a long way from just ending the verses with a word.

  5. I think Simon should give her a recording contract! Way to go, Caroline! I especially liked the snake moves on the floor! Break dancers around the world watch out! This girl is on FIRE! Trev and Ty miss you so much! They love this video of you singing!

    Kisses and "cheek to cheek",
    Auntiejill (one word)

  6. I love this little girl! Thanks for the video. She was right on pitch at the beginning of Twinkle Twinkle... you might have a singer on your hands!

    I love the tube at the end. Daddy always has a project. :)