Tuesday, January 5, 2010

uncle adam baby whisperer...

Okay, I (Amy) mentioned this yesterday, but today it was in full force. This separation anxiety stuff is getting downright ridiculous at times. My sis & I have tried for two days SOLID to get Caroline to leave the room wherever I am, and it just isn't happening. Not only that, this girl thinks she has to literally cling onto me. Auntie Jill (my sis) has exerted herself trying EVERYTHING she can think of to get Caroline to play with her. "I'd put an elephant on my head & she STILL wouldn't come to me!" she said tonight.

Well, then Uncle Adam came home.
"You wanna go see the crickets?" he said.
"Okay okay okay!"
"You wanna go play the drums?"
And without another word, she was down in that basement away from me without a single thought or word.

As Caroline learned the drums, Jill & I sat up in the living room going from laughing to being FURIOUS at Uncle Adam's ability to waltz in and wisk her away without a single complaint! :)

And even when I (Amy) came down to take pictures of her and THEN walked away, guess who stayed down in the basement totally content for another 20 minutes?!

That's some gift, Uncle Adam. :)

From Caroline: Daddy, tonight after Mommy & I prayed, the last thing I said was "Daddy, come back." We're so proud of you & praying for you guys each day, but I just can't WAIT to see you again! It'll be a sweet reunion for sure! Your girls love you!

Mission trip update: (from another quick conversation with Marc) The group started today with another morning of incredible training. Then they went over to help a ministry to women who have been abandoned by husbands or have no place to go. The women live upstairs in the facility, and downstairs is a boutique that helps fund the ministry, so our group came and helped do odd jobs to help her facility and ministry. Then this afternoon was spent at one of the largest gospel missions in the country. (houses 1,500 homeless people!)

I also found out that no one in our group has showered yet! (since Sunday morning!! P.U.!) Since they are sleeping on the floor of a church, their showering place is in a different location. Also, some sickness/sore throats are going around the group. So these guys are definitely roughing it! Pray that they would feel better & rested for remaining days this week.
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  1. sounds like an amazing mission trip! wow! and yes, it is infuriating how some male magic "fixes" little kids to do the most amazingly compliant things....mommies aren't outfitted that way...it looks like y'all are having a rollicking time!

  2. I've decided Caroline likes men better. Every time she sees me (Sarah) she says "Tim".

  3. Caroline is missing her daddy. Adam, a man, reminded her of her daddy. Then too, she may like men better. Just a thought. But I am glad she loves us all, and we love her and you all.

    Love y'all.

    Nanny & Papa

  4. Caroline........you are adorable.
    will continue to pray for the entire RUF team!!!!!

    ~Mary Engel