Friday, January 1, 2010

quite possibly the greatest gift...

Happy New Year, everybody!

Thank you, Nanny & Papa, Great Grandma & Grandpa Barnett, & Grandpa Hogue! We pooled my Christmas money together and got a portable DVD player for long trips in the car.

And speaking of long trips, I've got a 14 HOUR TRIP in the car ahead of me TOMORROW to go to Chicago with Mommy & Daddy & the RUF students. (Daddy & the students are going on a mission trip to the south side of Chicago, and Mommy & I are going to see my Auntie Jill, Uncle Adam, & cousins Trev & Ty!)

So say some prayers for all of us tomorrow. (and some extra little grace for me!) This could quite possibly be the most well-spent money ever... (that Mommy swore she'd never spend) :)

But sometimes you gotta do what'cha gotta do...
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  1. Oh AMES! This post made me laugh. I swore I'd never do it either. And technically, I haven't. Someone gave us their old model, which we use for road trips. I still make E wait AS LONG AS POSSIBLE in the car before turning it on....but it DOES help. And we do NOT use it around town like many other parents I know. THAT, I SWEAR, I will never do! :-)

  2. You're driving????? I thought you guys were flying!!!! Oh, geez... I can't imagine. You are brave... very very brave. And you know it's gonna be colder in Chicago right? It's not too late to buy a plane ticket!!