Saturday, June 12, 2010

the beauty of open adoption...

My birthmommy Megan gets to have both of her kids together again.

I get to know them & spend time with them.

My Grandma Bitner gets to have all three of her grandchildren together. (sweet little Zachary is Mommy Megan's new nephew!)

And we get to add lots of love to our own family.

Update: Well, the bloodwork came back showing a bacterial infection, so we started Caroline on an antibiotic today. Hopefully that will bring down the swelling in her cheek/jawbone area quickly. We are praying that the antibiotic won't mess up her gut & the gastro issues that we were/are working soooo hard to heal. (if you've been keeping up with us for any time, you already know that Caroline's health issues are more serious than just trying to grow hair back-- the hairloss is a result of an immune system that's out of whack & an intestine that is permeable, resulting in malabsorption issues. Therefore you can see why an antibiotic isn't necessarily the thing we want to be forced to take when we're trying to HEAL an intestine...) That's the latest in our crazy, ever-changing world, folks. Thank you for praying. We NEED it.
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