Saturday, June 12, 2010

mommy megan & me...

Mommy & Daddy LOVED it today when I spontaneously said "I love Mommy Megan." I am SUCH a blessed girl to not only have a mommy & daddy that think the world of me, but an awesome birthmommy who loves me so much, too.

Yay for open adoption! I get to know my birthmommy & where I came from. My birthfamily gets to know me & love me. And Mommy & Daddy get another set of extended family! Words just can't describe the joy on all sides in God's special plan. It is beautiful.

And as my Mommy Megan has watched me struggle from afar with health issues these past several months, it's been emotional for her as well. Today she kept staring at me, not because I had no hair or because my cheek was swollen from an infected salivary gland, but because she thinks I'm a beautiful princess.

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