Wednesday, June 30, 2010

two boxes...

Two boxes arrived in our mail today. Clothes a size up and too many to count.
Beautiful dresses and sweaters and jeans.
As I layed out each piece, they each whispered promises of God to me.
"I will grow her." "I will take care of her." "I will even clothe her." "FEAR NOT, Amy."

I am so scared of tomorrow. I don't know what it will look like. I don't know when the fear will subside. I can only worry about today.

But today these two precious boxes...

gave me hope for a better tomorrow.

(Thank you, Lori.)
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  1. Nanny & PapaJuly 1, 2010 at 6:48 AM


    We cannot worry about tomorrow. We just thank Him for today. He has supplied our needs for today. Those two wonderful boxes let you know that He is taking care of our needs and that there will be a tomorrow that He takes care of for us. Matthew 6:25-34 gives us the cure for anxiety and fear. The Father wants us to trust in His care for us. Just trust Him and know that He loves you, Marc and Caroline, and He will do what is best for you. Matthew 7:11 tells us that He will give good things to us if we ask Him. We pray each day for God to be with you and give you His peace, contentment and joy. We love you, but most of all He loves you and will take care of you.

    Nanny & Papa

  2. Can't wait for the fashion show!!! So pretty!!!