Saturday, August 14, 2010

don't put me in a box...

Okay, hands DOWN the best purchase my parents have EVER made for my room -- this bookcase/room divider from Ikea!! (Pottery Barn has one like this for around $1,300 & Ikea's is $129! They come in different sizes, as well as a brown/black color, too.)

And I loooove it! I tell guests in our house, "Do you want to come see my bookcase?" I just stand in front of it and pick out my books to read throughout the day.

Oh, it's so fabulous. There really are no words for the sanity this has brought my Mommy. She loves all the storage it provides. All my toys have a PLACE. (It's amazing what you can fit in those baskets & don't have to look at all the time.) I can see all of my books at one time. AND, if I want to knock them down, at least they're separated into different "cubbies" so it's not the entire shelf that has to be picked up! This is a piece of furniture that will grow with me, too-- I will be able to use it in SO many ways as I grow up, as I'm a teenager, even as I go off to college, as I get my own apartment, etc. I am going to love this thing for years to come.

But don't put me in a box, people.

'Cause I've already put myself there. :)
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  1. Caroline, you are so cute in that little black box! I'm glad you like your new book case.

    Love y'all,

    Nanny & Papa

  2. check out our dollar store. they have square fabric boxes that would probably fit the book shelf. leah has several that i use on the regular shelves and they're great. and you can't beat the price!!!!