Sunday, August 1, 2010

at 29 months...

(is it 29 months?? we can't keep it straight... I think we stopped counting after 24 or 25... but you get the idea!) All these changes in a MONTH!? It's hard to keep up around here!

  • I am all energy & ALL vocabulary! New language things I figured out recently: using the word "also" and "too" in a sentence... saying "Well, I have to do ______."... speaking an entire paragraph to describe what happened somewhere... counting to 20 (except I usually leave out 16-- who needs it anyways?). Mommy & Daddy are blown away at all the things that come out of my mouth each day.
  • I've also taken to bossing people around, too. I like to tell Mommy exactly how to make my cereal in the morning. "Mommy, you get the spoon. Mommy, you pour milk on it. Mommy, you put calcium in it. (ha!) Mommy, you get your cereal and sit down right here." Mommy has to lovingly tell me, "Sweetheart, I know what I'm doing. I know exactly how to take care of you and I promise I will do it." And then Mommy realizes that's probably the exact same way she approaches the Lord, too...
  • I loooooove music. I love to move to it. I love to sing it. I love to listen to it. (And my pitch is pretty good, too!) You'd think that I'd be able to SAY what I love so dearly correctly, but no--- it's still "moogit." ha!
  • When I need to be changed, I literally CLIMB up onto my changing table & lay down for Mommy. (um, ya think potty training is around the corner??)
  • I have mastered doing a sad face (it's pretty cute), a happy face, and a surprised face. Currently working on a silly face and an angry face. (hard to do when you're having fun, though)

  • Every lady's gotta love accessories, right? Well I'm no exception. Usually a trip to church means I want to wear my bracelet, my pearls, & my purse filled up with pennies. :)
  • Whenever I'm ready to go somewhere (even if it's not in Mommy's plans, but in mine!), I rush back to my room, get my flip-flops, hat & purse, put them on, then run back to the kitchen and yell, "Mommy! I'm ready to go!!!"
  • I'm also just beginning to get a tiny bit of humor-- I'll purposefully say the word "dark" as "ark" to be silly & make Mommy correct me. :) And I like to sing one repeated word to a tune I know, like "dinosaur dinosaur dinosaur" to the tune of "How Deep the Father's Love for Us," for example.
  • In the car, I watch the traffic lights like a hawk! I'll tell Mommy when it's green- "Mama, it's green so we can GO!" or when it's red.

  • I LOVE a craft project now! (for this one we crumpled up the papers & glued them on a paper to make a flower) I get very serious, but love every minute of it.
  • It's a constant struggle for me between wanting to do something by myself independently and whining to Mommy to help me. (the life of a toddler, right? It's like Jekyll & Hyde!)

  • I'm starting to understand the concept of pregnancy & being born. I love to look at the pictures surrounding my birth & read this book that Mommy made about my birth & adoption. When I see this picture (above) from the day before I was born, I talk about how I came out of birthmommy Megan's tummy! And whenever someone Mommy knows is pregnant, (like her friend, "Miss Kelsey," at church who is due with baby Maggie any minute!) I like to talk to Mommy about how "she's got a baby in her tummy!"
  • And as I look through the pictures of when I was a baby, Mommy thinks it's funny to hear my commentary (which is obviously what I've heard before): "Awww!! Look at that little baby! Look at that little foot! Awwww! That's SOOO cute!" etc. etc.

  • My favorite time of the day is "tickle time." After I get my pj's on & my teeth brushed (which ALWAYS happens while Mommy sings "10 Little Indians" to me, mind you), our family usually plays on Mommy & Daddy's bed for a few minutes and I LOVE to get tickled!
  • Hey- there may be no hair on my head, but you better believe that I am COVERED in sweetness and personality. :)
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  1. Thanks Amy, for the update. See you soon. Caroline is sooooooo sweet and cute.

    Love y'all,
    Nanny & Papa

  2. She's growing up SO fast! Give that sweet girl a big kiss for us!

  3. Jill told me the other day that Trev would skip 16, too. Maybe it's in the DNA!!!!

  4. Is it just me, or can you SEE the fuzz on her head in that last picture??

    So encouraging for her-and for you two.

  5. Her skin looks so beautiful - so restored!