Tuesday, August 24, 2010

beneath the surface...

Okay, most of you checking in are probably interested to hear how our Duke appointment goes tomorrow morning (I will try my best to post something in the afternoon), but first I must, MUST share an article with you guys!!!

So here's the background-- as we've walked down this road of Caroline's health, I've noticed a few folks' eyebrows raising when I try to explain the connection between our immune systems, autoimmune problems, and the digestive system. I realize that when your kid loses all their hair, eyelashes & eyebrows, it's probably not going to be your first reaction to take them off of gluten, dairy, soy, and all processed foods. :) Sure wasn't on my radar! Part of what has been SO stinking difficult in this process is that even the medical community has seems so stumped by autoimmune problems! (or they go about trying to "fix" them by treating the symptoms without looking into the overall cause)

It's been so frustrating to deal with several doctors, one of whom quickly slapped on a label of "alopecia" and told us: "Go join a support group and stop looking for other diagnosis'." THAT was from a well renowned doctor that we respect very early on in our journey when Caroline's hair began falling out. (of course he never thought to ask about her gastro issues or her diet or check any kind of nutritional levels!) That frustration has made us feel alone at times, and ultimately it led us to the doctor we have now, who is very familiar with the connection between intestinal health and autoimmune issues: joint pain, hair loss, skin problems, chronic fatigue, mood disorders & neurological issues, as well as digestive problems. It's CRAZY how widespread gluten-intolerance is in our bodies and in our society, and most people are undiagnosed & just treating the symptoms rather than the cause.

Anyways, as I've been learning all this stuff (and anyone who's been around us for any length of time in the last few months knows this), Marc & I have been blown AWAY at all the connections between our food and our health. And as most people have NO idea what we're talking about, :) (and that's okay!) I've been telling people I think we are sooooo close to all of this coming into the mainstream medical community. The alternative medicine & autistic community have been saying this stuff for years, but the mainstream wouldn't hear it. Until now.

Praise God that TODAY the Wall Street Journal posted a GREAT article about celiac disease & gluten sensitivity & its link with autoimmune issues. This is exactly what we have been seeing with Caroline's health (and not to mention a huge improvement in Marc's symptoms in just under one week of him going gluten-free!) and finally it's getting out there!!!

Chances are that you or a loved one could be helped with your own health issues by taking a look at this, too! (that's my hope in posting it! well, that and holding out hope that I won't be looked at like I'm a freak for the rest of my life! ha ha)

Here's today's article. It is SO good.

We covet your prayers for our big day tomorrow. Thank you friends.


  1. In the attempt to find help for people with HIV/AIDS, a lot of funds are going into the research of autoimmune illnesses. Hopefully some of the science will find help for other autoimmune disorders as well. Good article.

  2. I know there is something or someone out there that can help Caroline. We just have to keep trying and working to find it. We are one the right track. That was good information. Caroline, we are praying for you, Mommy & Daddy. Love y'all,
    Nanny & Papa