Wednesday, July 9, 2008

God's special plan...

One of the things our adoption agency recommended we do was to write a children's story for Caroline about how she came into our family. We have just completed her book! It tells her about how she came out of birthmommy Megan's tummy, how much Megan loved her, how Megan picked Mommy and Daddy to be her forever parents, and how God had a very special plan to adopt her into our family! Here are a few excerpts: (to read the text, click on the picture to see a bigger view...)

(the picture on the left was from the day before Caroline was born, and the pic on the right was her ultrasound picture from 2 weeks before her birth that Megan invited us to see!)

So far, would you believe this is the only book she will consistently sit through. (I wonder why! hmmmmm...) :) The adoption agency said this kind of book will be their favorite, but we hope that it will show her how much she has been loved (both by Mommy, Daddy, birthmommy Megan, and God) and how special she is.
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  1. That is very nice. I know she will treasure it when she gets older.

  2. MAKE ME CRY!!! Wow! What a precious gift for her! You are such fabulous parents! What a lucky little girl! You are the best!

    Love you!

  3. Wow! That was powerful. But, er, no tears here -- after all, I'm a manly man! *Cough, cough!*

  4. Definitely a tear jerker. And that's so sweet that she'll sit and listen!

  5. guys have me cry more than anyone or anything in the last year!! So very sweet!!