Wednesday, July 30, 2008

oh deer!

Meet another new friend, Leah! She lives right down the street from me, and guess what? She was born on Feb. 16th, exactly 2 days before me! (and her mom said that SHE was almost named Caroline!) Remember my other friend from church, Lydia, had exactly the same birthday as me? This is getting crazy how all of my new friends are exactly my age or have my same name! :)

It's so cool that after baby Caroline is born any day now, I'll have two friends that live on my street!

Um, speaking of our street, look who Mommy & Daddy saw in their driveway!

The deer took off into our side yard & into the woods behind our house! Wow! Where do we live?!
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  1. I'm trying to get used to all the wildlife here too... it is crazy!

  2. Doe: a deer, a female deer... -- Michael