Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Mommy found some pictures off of Daddy's phone from the month before I came along! Here's some of things they did to get ready...

This Budget truck was filled to the brim with things that Auntie (Jill) & her friends had for me! On January 2nd, Mommy & Daddy drove it from Chicago to Lubbock through the snow & ice...

Mommy with my cousin, Ty... I can't wait to meet you & Trevor in a few weeks!

And as if they weren't going to get enough practice with me, they took a class at the hospital & learned how to change a diaper... (not bad for their first one, huh? They're old pro's now...)

And they learned the swaddling technique! Daddy says that Mommy was the best looking lady in the class. (her stomach wasn't sticking out as far as all the other ladies...) :) And just a couple of weeks later, Mommy wasn't holding a doll anymore. She was holding the real thing. Me.
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  1. That is hilarious to see the truck again! Ha! I'll never forget the joy I had filling that thing up for you!