Sunday, July 27, 2008

on the catwalk...

Hey Mamie! I know you especially love to know what I wear to church each week, so here comes the fashion show...

But first, we interupt this show to take a commercial break...

We're back! And now...on the catwalk, we have Caroline (that's me!) wearing a lovely 9 month floral dress that was given to her by Aunt Sharon. You might recognize this dress because Caroline had the same dress in a 3 months-size. However, since then Caroline has put on a few more pounds, thus requiring the larger size for summer... :)

Ha ha! :) All joking aside, though, pray for me today because I'm running a low fever & spitting up alot. Mommy & Daddy are watching to see if it's just teething, or if I'm getting some kind of virus bug or ear infection, too... I'll let you know!
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  1. grannycorb@aol.comJuly 27, 2008 at 2:28 PM

    I'll bet it is just the teething deal. It can be a big deal. When she gets her eye teeth and stomach teeth, it's not pleasant either. Put that too shall pass. We love you and praying for you. She is adorable. we look forward to seeing the fashion show each day. Papa does too.
    Love you,
    Nanny & Papa

  2. Sweet Caroline! When are you coming to Charlotte to see your friend Kate?! She misses you and her mommy and daddy miss your mommy and daddy! Tell them to get in the car and drive south before school starts!!!