Tuesday, July 15, 2008

couch potatoes...

We went out to lunch today! You'll notice that almost everytime I go out now, I've got on a bow or headband. Mommy got tired of people asking if I was a boy or girl, so now she usually gets the biggest pink bow she can find & sticks it on my head as we're rushing out of the door. And wha-lah (how DO you spell that?): no more questions. Only "aahhhh's," smiles, and compliments from strangers now. That's more like it. :)

Still having a blast with Papa & Nanny...

Calling all couch potatoes! Can I join you? I can spot a tv anywhere!

I love my family.
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  1. People can't tell she's a girl by her pink all over and her princess bib?! I guess baby style is changing... :)

    Wha-la is "voila". French I think.

  2. I always had a headband or bow on E's head - so there was never a doubt. We still keep her dressed as girlie girl as possible. This morning, she wanted to take her pink sunglasses and purple sparkly tiara to library storytime---I guess all of my "training" paid off! :-) Some people are so dense...your child has a pink blanket or bow or whatever, and they still ask!?!?!

  3. I think the French word is voila which means here as in "here it is!" I don't speak French but I did learn to kiss that way once.